Claymore Guest House, Pitlochry

Pets Welcome at Claymore Hotel

We know that some people cannot manage to enjoy themselves on holiday with out their pets - which is why we welcome pets at Claymore. The Pitlochry area is a great place for walks, there are so many wonderful walking routes round and about for mans best friends to enjoy, or even a dip in the loch!

Your pet/s may stay in your bedroom, but not in the public areas of the hotel, and we would ask that they are not left alone in the room. There is no additional charge for bringing pets, unless they cause any damage to furnishings or decor; or make excessive mess in the room.

If your pet is used to lying on the soft furnishing in the bedroom we would ask that you supply additional dog coverings.


Call: 01796 472 888

Claymore Guest House, Pitlochry